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Parker's Norm Thompson Catalog Shoot

Posted by Jennifer McFarling on June 17, 2010 at 11:37 PM

As is mentioned on Page 7, Parker was involved in a professional advertisement shoot for the Norm Thompson Catalog. The phootshoot took place over a two-day period. Here are a few "behind the scenes" pictures from his experience. 8) The professional photos are WONDERFUL! We have seen quite a few of them and can't wait for you all to see. Make sure you go to to request a catalog! They have a number of really cute things!


DAY 1:



The first day was pretty rainy! And as you may know:



Rain + being outside + golden retriever = muddy golden retriever.



But we constantly kept him brushed and toweled off, and umbrellas helped to save us... and Parker spent a lot of time with a dry towel over him to keep the rain off! The crew and models were incredibly nice and loved on Parker and really made him (and us) feel special. The first day of shooting, Parker was the 'sidekick' in the photos. He mostly just worked alongside the models in different scenes.

Here are a couple of photos from the first day. Parker hanging out in the car during some down time (above, left) and on set (above, right).

Here he is in front of the trailer... of course.. playing BALL!! What else??? :D

Parker spent a lot of time playing around during the breaks (above, left). And at the end of a long day on the car ride home, he fell sound asleep (above, right). Doesn't he look tired? He worked hard and was such a good boy!




DAY 2:


The second day was Parker's day to shine! That day he would do a few more shots with the models, but then he did his own cover shots all by himself!

We rode a snow cat (see photo below) high up on Mount Hood. We spent a lot of our down time in Silcox Cabin with the crew where they had a catered breakfast and lunch (above).

Parker on set (above). He LOVES the snow. When we first got up that high on the mountain where there was snow, it took him a couple minutes before he got the zoomies and was running back and forth, very low to the ground! It was almost as if he couldn't believe he was in the snow again! He was SO excited! In the above photo, it appears he is tired, staring at his ball, right? This is where a photo may be deceiving! He was burying his ball, pouncing all over the place! Such a happy little pup!

At the end of the day, we headed back down the mountain and we took Parker's photo down at Timberline Lodge (above, left). All good boys get to go to Dairy Queen for a kiddie cone.. so on the way home Parker got a very special treat (above, right)! His eyes always light up when he gets a cone. :)

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Edited to add:      Here are some of the finished products!

That about wraps it up! Don't forget to check out Norm Thompson!! Thanks for reading!

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