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We're ready for the Royal Wedding! Are you?

Posted by Jennifer McFarling on April 28, 2011 at 11:53 PM

So apparently something big is happening this week. Something about royalty, fancy hats, carriages and fanfare.

What could it be?

A Royal Wedding?

Yes! That's it!! What fun... and I hear it's at Westminster Abbey. [Hey, is that where the dog show is every year?]

Are you excited??? Daisy and I are!!

Do you think we'll pass as William and Catherine? We're hoping to scamper down the aisle, maybe not as the prince and his miss, but maybe they need doggy ring bearers??? A flower girl? Hey, I'll be an usher if I need to be!!


We'll just wait outside with the crowd and maybe they'll think we're cute and let us in. :D


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