The 2017 Golden Dog Awards

A warm congratulations to CWD Boss! Boss served 11 years in Kuwait helping to provide hope to those he worked alongside in the searing sand. He will be remembered a warrior with a gentle heart who only wanted love in return. Thank you for your service, CWD Boss! Congratulations!

Our judges had a very difficult task in choosing from our 4 amazing candidates. All finalists -- Juno, Riley, and Namaste -- are exemplary of what this award stands for. They, too, will receive a beautiful gold paw medal. Please make sure you congratulate all 4 dogs on their wonderful service of healing, love, and spreading hope. <3

2017 Finalists & Judges Panel

Braylin - liver transplant recipient

Darlene Robinson & Odie - animal assisted therapy team

Jill Breitner - author, blogger, trainer

Leah Brewer & Elle - therapy team & former recipient of the Golden Dog Award

Susan Dieter-Robinson - creator of Love Rocks & mother to Anna, Abby & Alice

Maria Widyasari - dog enthusiast and rescue advocate

Molly Patton - author, blogger, and volunteer

Judy Fridono, Ricochet & Cori - author, dog trainer, volunteer and creator of various initiatives & programs


After a few years hiatus the Golden Dog Awards are BACK! Previous winner: Elle the Pit Bull! <3

How does your dog 
Animal Assisted Therapy? Search & Rescue? Service Work? Animal sports or tricks to make people smile? Something else? Nominate them for the 2017 Golden Dog Awards!

Rules: Submit one (1) photo of your dog with a short essay (please keep it under 300 words) explaining what your dog does to give back or spread hope. 

TO SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATION: Email photo and short essay to between May 12, 2017 and May 26, 2017 at 11:59 pm (Pacific).

You may only nominate ONE (1) dog.

Each dog may only have 1 nomination. Multiple nominations will be invalid. If you are nominating a dog that does not belong to you, you must include the owner’s name and email address, and they must confirm that they have approved this nomination. Nominations limited to the US/Canada. Sorry, wish we could accept noms from all over, but have to take into consideration shipping charges. We are not a large, rich corporation, just a family wanting to acknowledge the good work you all are doing.

Approved nominations will be uploaded to on June 2, 2017.

Public voting round begins on the evening of June 2 after being posted. The public may vote on as many nominations as they wish. Voting consists of LIKING a photo submission (or LOVE, reactions count as a vote as well). Discussion on each photo is encouraged but not required. Comments do not count as a vote. People may vote on as many or as few photos as they want. One vote per entry is allowed during the voting period. The 4 photo nominations with the most LIKES at the end of the voting period will move on to the next round. Public voting will end on June 16 at 8:59 pm (Pacific). Any votes/likes after the voting period ends will not count.

The finalists will be announced between June 17-18.

A panel of judges will select the Golden Dog Award Winner for 2017 and an announcement will be made on on June 25th. The winner will receive a 2017 Golden Dog Award Trophy and certificate. The three remaining finalists will receive a gold paw medal and finalist certificates (& tail wags because they should be proud that they are making a difference)! All nominees will receive a silver paw medal.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. By participating, each user acknowledges the above. This is an attempt to have fun and to acknowledge the good work that SO MANY DOGS do! It's not just me out there spreading hope -- you guys do it, too. So share your stories and let's have some fun!!! <3

PS SHARE this contest with someone you think might be deserving! GOOD LUCK!

To Nominate your dog....

Email 1 photo of your dog and 300 words or less to

Good luck!