5 Months Old!

Mr. Parker is officially FIVE MONTHS OLD! Crazy how time flies by! Now that he has spent 5 whole months living in Oregon, he is quite the expert on Pacific Northwest lifestyles. In fact, he told us he is planning on putting out a book (why not, we thought!)..

Tips to Survival in the Pacific Northwest

by Parker, the golden retriever

Always leave the house prepared.



 Respect your elders.

Stay fit.


To find out more of Parker's tips... buy the book! It will be available at your local bookstores as soon as Parker learns how to type.


Well, it isn't a whole lot of snow, but it doesn't matter to this little guy. Cold white stuff on the feet leads to a whole lot of excitement! Watch as Parker and Daisy romp in the cool dusting of snow, while Sophie watches from the sidelines..

Back-to-Back Title!

Parker won Cutest Dog again for the month of January 2008 on World Wide Fido! He won for his First Day of Pre-School video. Prizes are the same, except this time he got a leash from Mon Ami! Thanks for the votes. Parker just LOVES getting those World Wide Fido tennis balls!

Here's our proud boy with his back-to-back crowns!

6 months old!

Half a year.. ALREADY! Dogs should technically have SEVEN birthdays a year... but we'll settle for the big milestone of 6 months old! Parker's friends helped him turn 6 months old! He wasn't too sure about eating his special doggy cake off of the table at first -- afterall, wasn't he taught dogs don't do that?? After a little hesitation, he got totally into it! And then almost snagged one of the kids' pieces of cake! Oops!

Aloha Dog!

What's better than a dog dressed up? A dog dressed up doing tricks! Parker performed for his Tricks class Talent Show... Here's a short clip! (The costume... a little bit of a hinderance but oh well! The cute factor makes up for it, right? )









Parker has 2 good friends named Augie & Ti (2 amazing golden retrievers), and look at what their wonderful mom made for us! It's a beautiful watercolor of Parker in his rain gear and it is SUPER cute! Two paws up!

Special thanks to Augie & Ti's thoughtful mommy for this wonderful surprise!

Silent Film Movie Star!

What a handsome fella'! Check out Parker and his friends, Daisy & Hobbes, in their breakout roles in The Cat Burglar! "I'd like to thank the Academy..."


6 Month Pictures

Perhaps TECHNICALLY these should be considered his 6-1/2 month old pictures. We're a little late snapping these, but oh well. Here's our baby boy at 6 months (plus a few days..)


His favorite thing in the ENTIRE WORLD at this age is ripping up tennis balls. Give him a tennis ball and he'll have the green fuzz off it in 10 minutes flat, and soon after the rubber ball will be cut perfectly in half. He will then proceed to run around the house showing off his masterpiece -- a split tennis ball.

His other love is food. Most goldens have a large appetite, and Parker is certainly no exception! Whenever his bowl of food comes into sight, Parker offers up all his tricks even when we don't ask for them, as if maybe that will speed up the process!

 Halfway to a year!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


Splish Splash!

Rubber Ducky, you're the one! 7 months old... The place we take Parker to for obedience and other classes also offers a self-serve/grooming service. Not exactly Parker's favorite thing in the world, but look how nice he turns out in the end!

L-O-V-E the dog park!

Parker and Daisy are the best of friends. And throw a tennis ball into this mix? Well, then it's love!!

The fun doesn't end here!


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