Professional advertisement shoot

"Am I allowed to eat some of these refreshments? Huh? I am working hard. Please, can I, huh?!"




Parker spent 2 days working on a professional photo shoot for Norm Thompson, and will appear in their Fall/Winter 2010 catalog! 

For more information on Norm Thompson, check out their website (and sign up for a catalog!):


He had so much fun working with professional models and getting a lot of smooches from a ton of super nice people!


Here is a quick video showing a little 'Behind The Scenes' action with our little man. Can you tell he was having fun?

For more photos and a little blogging, check out The Dog Blog!

Doggie Olympic Champion

Doggie Olympics 2010 have come and gone, and Parker came back with 2 gold medals! 

These games are held every year in Long Beach, Washington and there are a variety of games you can particpate in.


Parker won Gold in the event, 'Babe Ruth Obedience Baseball' - for the fastest and most accurate obedience. He won his second gold in the 'Doggie Dash' - for the fastest recall.

Good boy!!

Happy Independence Day, USA!

 Happy 4th of July! 

Love, Parker & Miss Daisy

Third Birthday!

Can you believe Parker is now 3 years old? Seems impossible! But it's true. On August 26, Parker turned three. He had a fun pre-birthday bash, spending it with friends at the beach. Then on his actual birthday he was surprised with some presents in the mail from his friends' Augie & Ti! Afterwards a trip to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone -- mmm. Happy Birthday, Parker!

For birthday photos, feel free to check out the Birthday Spectacular entry under The Doggie Bloggie - a 'Part 2' blog documenting Year 3 and on! It can be located under the Blogging & Other News tab above.  


Parker's 3 Year Old Video

Now that Parker is 3 years old, we got him out and had some fun... and got a little footage! Enjoy! 

Waiting for the "Magic Word"


This is a little game we like to play with the dogs whenever we get the chance.


We practice this, for example, after setting down their dinner in front of them, and sometimes with treats just like this.


The release word we use is "okay!" and the dogs are not to eat the reward until they hear this word. This is a great exercise for dogs because it teaches them that they really have to listen to you.




Norm Thompson Model!

Parker has started to appear on the Norm Thompson website! Feel free to check it out. He's also appearing on a number of pop-up ads all over (,,,, and more)! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as Fall progresses and into Winter!!


Happy Halloween!!! 



 For Halloween this year, we decided to do something a little different.

For those of you familiar with the popular book (and movie), Twilight, this is for you!

This movie was filmed here in the Pacific Northwest, and well... we thought it would be fun to do our own little version.

Happy watching! And have a happy Halloween!


1st Place - Fido's City Guide contest!

Parker's First Commercial!

On November 2nd, Parker filmed his first commercial! It was for a cable/Internet service provider.

He was cast as a man's dog that he brings to his workplace (what seemed to be an architectural firm). He had a few scenes -- one (as seen pictured below and to the right) sitting next to a man at his computer and getting some loves after pretending to type. In another scene, he led the camera into the office. He had so much fun performing.

He got lots of attention from the producers and actors and we were very proud of him!


Here is the final result!


Wave Broadband 2010 


Norm Thompson advertisements - they continue to drop!

More and more ads keep coming out! Here are a few:






 What do you think?  Pretty spiffy, huh?


Merry Christmas!




"The stockings were stung by the chimney with care..."

 Happy Holidays - from  

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