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A golden retriever wearing a white cancer vest that says find a cure and holding a panel with many. names on it

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The Cancer Vest

Back in 2012, we made a blank vest for Parker to wear to a cancer walk in Elk Grove, CA. We asked for people to submit names of any person or animal who battled cancer and we would add them to the vest and walk in their honor. What we didn't expect was to fill it up with names and garner so much support and enthusiasm. That cancer vest proceeded to be worn for 8 years and carry more than 2,800 names.

In 2020, we lost Parker to nasal cancer. It seemed only fitting that we retire his cancer vest -- it had seen some beautiful moments and we wanted to protect it from further wear.

In 2023 we introduced our new cancer vest 2.0. This vest starts from scratch. We would be happy to include names you might have already submitted for the original vest, but also welcome new names. We won't stop until there is progress made to find a cure.

A golden retriever wearing a cancer vest and bow tie leaning up to kiss Betty White

Submit a Name

Fill out the form below to request a name on our cancer vest 2.0. We do our best to share updated photos of the cancer vest prior to and during cancer walks on our social media accounts.

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