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Animal Assisted Therapy

One of the most rewarding ways to give back while bonding with your furry friend is to do animal assisted therapy. Parker's therapy work began in 2012. There is a real need for more therapy animal teams and if your dog has a mellow, gentle, calm disposition and basic obedience, you could be a wonderful candidate. Whether visiting hospitals, long term care facilities, schools, court, libraries, hospice, jails, or other locations, therapy work with your dog is one of the most rewarding ways to bond with your dog and give back to the community. #spreadhope

Therapy Dog

Parker was originally registered with Pet Partners in 2012. Gill was registered with Pet Partners in 2018. They have worked at Kaiser Westside, Kaiser Interstate, Doernbecher Children's Hospital, OHSU, Beaverton City Library, Washington County Juvenile Services, Washington County Jail, Hopewell Hospice, Portland Union Station, PDX with airport TSA staff and schools at all levels. They have done many "special requests" at many other facilities.

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Crisis Response

In 2016 Parker joined Cascade Canine Crisis Response Team and Washington County Sheriff's Office K9 Crisis Response. In 2019 Gill joined CCCR and WCSO. They have responded to countless tragedies such as motor vehicle accidents, loss of a student/teacher at school, shootings and national disasters. Parker responded to the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in 2015 that made national headlines. All work is completely volunteer and travel/lodging expenses come out of our own pockets.

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Get Involved:

Pet Partners

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Therapy Dogs International

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Alliance of Therapy Dogs

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Love on a Leash

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Cascade Canine Crisis Response

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*There are many other Animal Assisted Therapy organizations. Do a google search to find out what might be active in your local community. 

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